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Where To Start?

Here we provide a few suggestions about what to read first, for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the volume of material presented here.

First and foremost, we recommend 'A Reader's Guide to Cosmocritic' by Kirk Little, which explains what this site is all about and introduces nearly all of the texts on it.

For a concise introduction to many of the issues discussed on this site we also recommend 'Is Astrolology Divination - and Does it Matter?' by Geoffrey Cornelius.

For a survey of the variety of astrological experience, and perspectives thereon, from both astrologers and their critics: Astrology in the Year Zero by Garry Phillipson (London: Flare, 2000).

The full argument for regarding astrology as primarily a form of divination is in: The Moment of Astrology - Origins in Divination (2nd edn.) by Geoffrey Cornelius (Bournemouth: Wessex Astrologer, 2003).